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I'm Hamzeen, a full stack developer living & working in The Hague, Netherlands. I specialise in front-end web development with Node.js & Angular. After creating websites for almost a decade, I’m still fascinated to give life for novel user interfaces. My philosophy for a great web app is that, it should be brewed with a responsive UI & clean code. I graduated from University of Westminster, London in 2010 with First Class Honours in Software Engineering.

In the past, I've published several libraries, experiments & apps. Deciber - an augmented reality (AR) noise measurement tool for Android, Perception - an official chrome experiment, Scrollize.js - a jQuery plugin for parallax effect, FlipVision - an experiment on employing motion detection to interact with a webpage & NgToast.js - toast & notification service for Angular.js apps are few of them. You can find all my public projects on GitHub. Here are few Skills I have picked up in the process.











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Travelling takes a huge place in my life, I like to discover new places. I enjoy the challenges each journey brings forth & the window it provides me to better my random photography.

Orchard, Singapore The Hague, Netherlands Paris, France Luxembourg Hallstatt, Austria Amsterdam, Netherlands Copenhagen, Denmark Cologne, Germany Brussels, Belgium Rotterdam, Netherlands Milan, Italy Brig, Switzerland Batam Riu, Indonesia Bergen, Norway Linköping, Sweden


Here are some projects from the past


please head over to my blog or github page for the latest


An augmented reality app which turns your android phones into an intuitive sound pressure measuring tool. You can download it from Google Play
Press Coverage: BBC Hindi | Roar.lk

JSConf Asia 2015

In november 2015 I had the pleasure of speaking at JSConf Asia. The slide deck for my talk titled 'Unbox Development in Production could be found at, Speaker Deck

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